Sara Lallana

Spanish, Basque, English, Italian, French.


  • Master’s degree in Law from the University of the Basque Country.
  • LLM in European Law from the European University Institute of Firenze.


  • Labor Law and Social Security Law
  • Human Resources management: legal advices to both undertakings and employees on selection procedures, undertakings, (collective and individual) redundancies, rules and disciplinary procedures, determination of salary increases, international posting of employees, collective bargaining, etc…
  • Occupational risk prevention and environmental protection
  • Social Security: social security schemes (pensions, retirement, unemployment, maternity, etc…), social security rights, other complementary insurances,…
  • Lecturer in Labor and Social Security Law, supervisor of several final degree projects and director of Master degree’s thesis.


  • Judge at the Labor and Social Court (2009-2011).
  • Independent expert to assist the Commission in the field of Civil justice.
  • Member of ITC’s Committee on International Model Contracts for Exporting SMEs (Geneve, INTRACEN) 2010.
  • University Lecturer for USAC, UPV-EHU, University of Oxford (Basque Visiting Fellow).
  • Independent researcher in several international projects on: commercial and business agreements, national and international consulting and legal advice for the development of global entrepreneurial activities, industrial relations, recruitment plans, posting of workers, etc.
  • Participant as a speaker and lecturer at numerous international conferences, seminars and debates in U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy.
  • Jury Member for the Pan-Hispanic Award for Specialized Translation, 2008.
  • Member of the technical advisory board for IURIVAS, Justicia Vasca de lo Social (2002-2004).
  • From 2006 on, Secretary of the Oxford University Society at the Basque Country.


  • Implementation of the Directive 96/71/EC. A balance between the freedom to provide services in the EU and the protection for posted workers. (EUI)
  • Model Contracts for Small Firms: legal guidance for doing international business. (participación). (ITC)
  • Tutela y Eficacia Judicial. (IURIVAS.Gomilex)
  • “La necesaria vinculación del Derecho al descanso con otros derechos laborales, especialmente los de índole económica”. Capítulo del libro “La Declaración universal de los Derechos Humanos: ayer, hoy y mañana”. (Aranzadi)
  • “Libertad profesional y Derecho a Trabajar. El trabajo ¿un instrumento o un fin?. Capítulo del libro “la Carta de los Derechos Fundamentales de la Unión Europea y su reflejo en el ordenamiento jurídico español”. (Aranzadi)