Domingo Vitórica


  • BA in Law from Deusto University in 1988.


  • Specialised in Social Security Law, including the field of Labour Risk Prevention, Benefit Surcharge, Penalties for breaches in regulations on labour risk prevention, and the legal consequences for the commission of offences against security of workers.
  • Knowledge and keeping of civil, commercial, work and criminal matters.


  • Outside counsel for “Fraternidad Muprespa”, Mutual Insurance Company of the Spanish Mutual Benefit Society for Work-related Accidents and Diseases n275, since 1989.
  • Outside counsel for “Frater Prevención”, Unipersonal Ltd, CM26/1999″ (a company in Quirón Hsopital Group), licensed as External Prevention Service of Labour Risk Prevention, since 2005.
  • Outside counsel for “Peñascal” Cooperative Society of Bilbao, since 2010.
  • Partner counsel in the northern area in:
    • EJASO Law Firm, with headquarters in Madrid.
    • Decennium Investment Inc, with headquarters in Seville.