If proper and professional legal advice is necessary for your transactions on the national market, then it is even more so when your company exports, due to the complexities which raise as a result of technical differences in language or the application of different systems of law. Adequate prior legal advice will greatly reduce the risks inherent in international trade in goods and services for your company, and enhance your expectations of success.

We can advise you on the negotiation of your contracts with agents and distributors, suppliers and customers. We can guide you through the entire process of creating a franchise network. We can hold you resolve your problems with transport and logistics. We will contribute our experience in a broad range of sectors including aerospace, metal and construction. And if you are considering establishing a business abroad, we can undertake the incorporation of your subsidiary or joint venture with your local partner.

We provide these services through lawyers qualified in different jurisdictions and with language skills, and we also form part of an extensive network of colleagues in other jurisdictions so that we can .ensure that your company will always have the support in needs.